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Sundance Spas

Clearwater Swimming Pools, Inc. of Houma, LA, has been a proud dealer and repair center for Sundance Spas for the more than 14 years.

Since 1979, Sundance Spas has set the standard for performance, quality, and reliability. Sundance was the first spa manufacturer to receive ISO 9001 certification and they are committed to delivering innovation and superior design with every spa they build. Sundance takes the time to create ergonomic seating that cradles your body and optimally positions you to receive the greatest benefit from your warm water therapy. Each seat in a Sundance spa is specifically designed to deliver a unique message as opposed to brands that deliver nothing more than high jet counts with purposeless water flow. Speaking of jets, Sundance offers some of the most durable bearing-less jets that are sure to last a lifetime. Each jet plays a distinct role in relieving arthritis pain and promoting joint flexibility.

Sundance offers a wide selection of spas conveniently divided into four series based on features. All Sundance Spas come equipped with CLEARRAY UV technology – a natural sanitizer that treats 99.9% of waterborne pathogens and reduces your sanitizing chemical usage up to 50%.


The 980 Series was founded upon consumer-favorite Sundance spa features and laced with never-before-seen design and style. The geometric design of the exterior of the spa is highlighted by architectural corner lighting.
These spas feature spacious seats highlighted by the even glow of LED lighting for beauty and safety.

A low profile, flat top rail and lounge deck offer more places to sit and socialize. SunCooler™ cold storage areas, integrated into the lounge deck, feature removable lid for easy fill, pump-assisted drain and an internal light for use day or night.

The Glass i-Touch Control with smart device functionality makes it even easier to use and enjoy your spa day or night.

Clearwater Pools


  • 7’8” x 8’4” x 34”
  • Seats six - seven adults
Clearwater Pools


  • 7’8” x 8’4” x 34”
  • Seats five - six adults


The 880 Series is the flagship series of Sundance Spas. These spas make full use of every amenity and feature that Sundance has to offer. The MicroClean filter system purifies your spas water down to the micron count of drinking water all while efficiently circulating the water 24 hours a day.

LED light accents are installed underneath the air control knobs, and LED lights are also included on the backlit AquaTerrace waterfall and in the footwell. Each jet in an 880 spa is trimmed in stainless steel and most spas come with a lighted stainless steel grab bar.

The i­Touch control panel offers you the ability to program your spas filter cycles and an outside status indicator light makes maintenance on the 880 Series spa a breeze.

Comprised of Rigid Bond shell construction and clad in SunStrong synthetic cabinetry, every 880 Series spa is built to last. Add the optional BLUEWAVE Spa Stereo System with six topside JBL speakers and Bluetooth audio to mix your music with the sensations of warmth and relaxation.

880 aspen oh 2016- Clearwater Pools


  • 7'6" x 9'2" x 41.5" 
  • Seats seven - eight adults
880 maxxus oh 2016- Clearwater Pools


  • 7'6" x 9'2" x 41.4" 
  • Seats six adults
880 optima oh 2016- Clearwater Pools


  • 7'5" x 7'5" x 37.5" 
  • Seats six - seven adults
880 cameo oh 2016- Clearwater Pools


  • 7'5" x 7'5" x 37.5" 
  • Seats five - six adults
880 altamar oh 2016- Clearwater Pools


  • 6'9" x 7'2" x 37.5" 
  • Seats five - six adults
880 marin oh 2016- Clearwater Pools


  • 6'3" x 7'7" x 33" 
  • Seats four - five adults
880 capri oh 2016- Clearwater Pools


  • 5'9" x 6'10" x 30.5" 
  • Seats two - three adults


Sundance also offers luxury relaxation and intelligent features at affordable prices. No series epitomizes this concept more than the 780 Series. The 780 Series spas take the best enhancements that Sundance offers to create a spa focused on providing you the quality you need without the extras you don’t want. The 780 Series spa comes standard with the MicroClean water purification system, the 24­-hour circulation pump, SunStrong synthetic cabinetry, and top tier warranty. SunRay LED lighting, AquaSheer waterfall, and stainless steel jet escutcheons complete a look that feels opulent while being down to earth. The 780 Series offers an optional SunSurround Stereo System with iPod dock and four topside speakers.

780 hamilton oh 2015- Clearwater Pools


  • 7'5" x 7'5" x 36" 
  • Seats five - six adults 
780 chelsee oh 2015- Clearwater Pools


  • 7'5" x 7'5" x 36" 
  • Seats six - seven adults
780 certa oh 2015- Clearwater Pools


  • 6'9" x 7'2" x 36" 
  • Seats five – six adults
780 montclair oh 2015- Clearwater Pools


  • 6'3" x 7'7" x 33" 
  • Seats four adults
780 dover oh 2015- Clearwater Pools


  • 5'9" x 6'10" x 30.5" 
  • Seats two - three adults


Sundance 680 Series spas deliver the combination of heat, buoyancy, and massage with incredible value. Each 680 Series spa is created with the same care and precision given to any Sundance series of spa. All 680 spas come with SunStrong cabinetry, designer stainless steel jet trim, and seductive LED pinpoint lighting. Include the optional BLUEWAVE Spa Stereo System to increase the enjoyment of your spa and the jealousies of your neighbors!

680 mckiney oh 2015- Clearwater Pools


  • 7'5" x 7"5" x 36" 
  • Seats six - seven adults
680 ramona oh 2015 connelly_catalog_2014


  • 7'5" x 7'5" x 36" 
  • Seats five - six adults 
680 peyton oh 2015- Clearwater Pools


  • 7' x 7' x 36" 
  • Seats five – six adults
680 edison oh 2015- Clearwater Pools


  • 7" x 7" x 36" 
  • Seats six - seven adults
680 denali oh 2015- Clearwater Pools


  • 6'6.5" round x 36" 
  • Seats four adults
680 tacoma oh 2015- Clearwater Pools


  • 5"8" x 5'8" x 31" 
  • Seats two adults
Clearwater Pools


  • 6’4” x 7’ x 34.5”
  • Seats four - five adults
Clearwater Pools

Prado 5

  • 6’4” x 7’ x 34.5”
  • Seats four - five adults

For more information and color options for your Sundance Spa, check out or click here to download the 2017 Sundance brochure.

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